What is the price of a flat in OMR?

What is the price of a flat in OMR?

The vast IT corridor that runs through has completely changed the suburban scene. It now boasts a wide variety of amenities that meet the needs of many families that live in this area. OMR is a meeting place for a variety of lifestyles, entertainment choices, cultures, and traditions. You can find affordable restaurants or fine dining establishments, calm window shopping or exciting club hopping experiences, contemporary shopping malls or classy banquet halls, and world-class healthcare facilities here.

Remarkably, OMR has become the neighbourhood of choice for many families because of its proximity to prestigious colleges and educational institutions as well as the presence of well-known healthcare providers that guarantee 24/7 access to high-quality medical treatment. Additionally, OMR provides a variety of options for public transportation, making connecting easier than before. But are you wondering what will be the average price of an apartment in OMR?

In contrast to other parts of Chennai, OMR offers reasonable prices depending on the needs of the customer. The cost of a basic 2 BHK condo or a luxurious apartment is less here than it is in the other major locations of the city. You'll also benefit from features like playgrounds, supermarkets, swimming pools, and other OMR residential centre amenities at this price range.

Over the past year, OMR property rates have increased by more than 3%. Comprehending the price patterns of properties in OMR is crucial for investors and buyers to determine when it is best to buy or sell. The average cost of properties in OMR starts at Rs.40 Lakhs.

The current price trend suggests that it’s profitable to buy and sell houses in OMR. Interestingly, the flats in OMR have become a hot commodity in the real estate market, seamlessly blending into the vibrant and interesting lifestyle of the area. So, whether you’re an investor or a homebuyer, OMR is definitely a location to consider.

Here is a quick note:

-Starting Price 40 Lakhs.

-Average Price 75 Lakhs.

-Highest Price 3 Crore.

*an approximate based on a 2BHK apartment

Now discover the advantages of buying an apartment in OMR

There is a strong demand for residences in OMR because it is home to numerous sizable business and IT companies. The area designated as an IT corridor is home to the second-largest exporter of IT in India. The region is becoming more desirable due to its expansion in the real estate industry. This neighbourhood offers a wide range of solutions for all wants and necessities that are up to pace with international standards, including high-rise apartments, inexpensive flats, and luxury residences.

Vibrant diverse community

Being the centre of the IT sector and a rapidly developing real estate area, this place draws a wide range of young, ambitious people from all over India and the world. You will undoubtedly meet like-minded people on OMR whether you communicate in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, French, German, or any other language. Beyond language differences, OMR is a peaceful sanctuary where individuals of many religious origins live side by side.

Amazing culinary scene

The variety of OMR's population is reflected in the food scene. Small, cosy restaurants thrive right next to opulent fine-dining businesses in the same neighbourhood. After a long day at work, a steaming hot samosa from a street corner chat stand can be a great pick-me-up, but OMR also has alternatives for lavish team lunches in luxury restaurants. Notably, food courts are a growing trend that includes everything from quaint chat rooms to multi-course restaurants, enabling friends to have a meal together without having to compromise on their gastronomic preferences.

Thriving social lifestyle

One of Chennai's best neighbourhoods for keeping a vibrant and interesting social life is OMR. New theatres and shopping centres are opening up virtually every day in this busy area. Moreover, ECR, where you may enjoy a quiet evening by the sea, is conveniently adjacent to OMR.

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