Top Places to buy Flats near Chennai International Airport

Top Places to buy Flats near Chennai International Airport

Chennai, a vibrant city situated on the southeastern coast of India, has always been a center of commerce, culture, and connectivity. The city boasts various forms of transportation infrastructure, ranging from roads and railways to air and waterways. One crucial point in enhancing Chennai's global connectivity is the Chennai International Airport. In recent times, more and more people prefer taking flights even for domestic travels due to its convenience and speed compared to other modes of transportation. This rising demand has led to a surge in interest for real estate near the airport. For individuals looking to buy a flat for personal use or investment purposes, purchasing property near this important transportation hub can provide numerous benefits. Here is an in-depth look at why buying an apartment near Chennai International Airport is a wise decision.

Unmatched Convenience for Frequent Travelers

For people who are often on the go, whether for work or pleasure, living close to the airport can save a lot of time. Chennai International Airport, being one of the busiest airports in India, serves numerous domestic and international destinations. Being nearby means you can easily catch your flight without having to deal with long, stressful commutes. This is especially helpful for business professionals who need to travel by air regularly.

High Rental Yield Potential

Properties near airports often enjoy higher rental demand, and Chennai is no exception. Flats near Chennai International Airport are highly sought after by expatriates, airline staff, and business travelers which can lead to an opportunity for good rental profits. This high demand guarantees that property owners can count on a steady rental income, making it a promising investment choice.

Superior Infrastructure and Connectivity

The neighborhoods near Chennai International Airport have a good infrastructure setup. With the airport being there, the roads are solid, public transport is reliable, and utilities work well. Major roads like GST Road and Outer Ring Road make it easy for people to get around the city. Plus, the Chennai Metro's Blue Line links the airport to key areas, making it even more convenient for travelers and locals alike.

Future Appreciation Potential

Real estate near airports usually increase in value as time goes on. The ongoing growth in and around Chennai International Airport, including new businesses and projects, means that property values are likely to keep appreciation. With more infrastructure projects like new metro routes and expanded roads on the way, these properties are looking like a smart investment for the future. Once the proposed metro line connecting the airport to Kilambakkam is finished, it will improve the area's accessibility and possibly result in a considerable rise in property prices as well.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Airports usually have strict security measures in place, and this added level of safety often affects the areas nearby as well. The increased presence of airport security personnel, regular patrols, and surveillance systems all work together to create a safer community. This extra layer of security is a major benefit for both families and individuals who live in these areas.

Buying a flat near Chennai International Airport offers a host of advantages. However, it's important to consider potential disadvantages, with noise pollution being a primary concern. Thankfully, there are some great locations near the airport that offer a balance of convenience and peacefulness for residents. Below is a list of areas where residents can benefit from easy access to travel and business opportunities while minimizing the disturbances from noise pollution.

Pallavaram (Flats for Sale in Pallavaram)

Pammal (Flats for Sale in Pammal)

Anakaputhur (Flats for Sale in Anakaputhur)

Chromepet (Flats for Sale in Chromepet)

Tambaram (Flats for Sale in Tambaram)


Pallavaram's popularity has surged in the last several years due to a flurry of residential real estate projects. Modern home buyers have a plethora of options in the micro-market, ranging from independent houses and builder floors to apartments. The most alluring feature of Pallavaram, nevertheless, is its affordability. Even with the well-known OMR right next door, the property values are still reasonable. The Ascendas-Singbridge Group, located in Singapore, is developing an IT Park along the Radial Road, which could lead to an increase in residential demand.

- Affordable mid-segment locality with good rental demand

- Prime area on the GST Road, with all social amenities

- Sound connectivity to the OMR IT expressway via the radial road

- Surrounded by many tech parks and employment zones

- 2 km from Chennai International Airport


Pammal is a thriving neighbourhood in the mid-budget segment. Numerous parks and temples, such as the well-known Thiruneermalai Murugan Temple, are its main attractions. The neighbourhood has consistently grown throughout time, mostly as a result of its accessibility to other areas of the city. To meet the demands of its citizens, the neighbourhood has top-notch commercial centres, recreation centres, and educational institutions.

- Affordable residential locality with a serene ambience

- Educational hub with institutions like Vellore Institute of Technology University, and Tamil Nadu Open University

- Availability of many shops, and retail outlets

- Houses several top healthcare establishments

- 3 km from Chennai International Airport


Because of its close proximity to the major employment hub of GST, which is home to places like Mahindra World City and Shriram's Gateway SEZ. So Anakaputhur has grown to be one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods among flat buyers. Workforce professionals are drawn to purchase apartments in Anakaputhur by the flats' reasonable rentals and convenient access to prestigious business destinations.

- 5 km from Chennai International Airport

- Affordable residential locality with multiple residential options

- Peaceful neighbourhood with good rental demand

- Availability of premium flats built by established builders

- Nice locality with ample open spaces and green cover


Chromepet is well-known for its well-rounded growth and respectable physical and social infrastructure. The GST Road provides excellent access to Tambaram, which is nearby. Not only is it a reasonably priced neighbourhood, but it's also a great substitute for the bustling Tambaram neighbourhood, which is home to a number of IT parks and companies.

- 4 km from Chennai International Airport

- Rapidly developing residential cum commercial hub

- Well-planned area with sound infrastructure

- Good connectivity via roadways and railways

- Good rental demand due to its proximity to employment areas like MEPZ


Tambaram has convenient access to major thoroughfares including Koyambedu, OMR Road, and GST Road. The main advantage of this location is that major destinations are easily accessible, regardless of your mode of transportation. Here, real estate is flourishing, and rightfully so! Corporates, educational institutions, and investors are flocking to Tambaram for commercial and residential constructions.

- 8 km from Chennai International Airport

- Top trending residential hub along GST Road

- Sound connectivity to OMR IT hub

- Rapidly developing locality with many commercial establishments

- Easy access to prime transportation facilities like bus stands and railway stations

We are all aware of how quickly and favourably real estate investors have benefited from the growth surrounding Chennai International Airport. Let's now explore the benefits of residing in an apartment near an airport.

Benefit of location

Airport flats might be a blessing if you travel frequently. You'll have easy access to the well-developed roadways that encircle the airports thanks to this advantageous position.

Strong Return

Purchasing a home close to an airport will yield a strong return on investment. Indian airports have been at the forefront of significant infrastructure projects in recent years, which have improved capital value drastically.

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