Top 5 Places to buy flats in ECR

Top 5 Places to buy flats in ECR

Since most elements of your life are naturally influenced by the location you live in, why not choose to live in a beautiful area of Chennai near the sea? Yes, we will discuss the pleasant 60-kilometre section of the ECR Road that connects Adyar and Kovalam. With a variety of restaurants, this area is more of a party and adventure zone for a short weekend trip. Nonetheless, the continual rise of the IT industry in the neighbourhood has made this area considerably larger as a residential and commercial zone, opening the door for the development of Flats in ECR.

What more could a person want for than an opulent lifestyle surrounded by beautiful scenery? The community developments that are currently for sale in this area provide opulent apartments facing the sea that come equipped with cutting-edge features and vibrant amenities.

The entertainment venues enhance ECR, which is known as Chennai's most happening location. Magnificent apartments with views of the beach, rooftop dining options, retail centres, cinemas, first-rate educational establishments, and a medical centre for a well-established community offering a variety of housing options. The ECR real estate market is expanding, so this is the ideal moment to invest if you want to see fantastic returns down the road.

Advantages of living along the coast

Thiruvanmiyur (Flats for Sale in Thiruvanmiyur)

Neelankarai (Flats for Sale in Neelankarai)

Kottivakkam (Flats for Sale in Kottivakkam)

Injambakkam (Flats for Sale in Injambakkam)

Palavakkam (Flats for Sale in Palavakkam)


If you are seeking a place to live that is both close to the city and the calm beauty of nature, Thiruvanmiyur is the spot for you. There is a strong rental demand for this lovely residential centre. The major thoroughfares of the city, including Adyar, the OMR Stretch, and the entire ECR highway, are easily accessible from this location. As a result, this area can serve as a hub for travel around the city.

- Close to major parts of the city

- Prime residential cum commercial area

- Well-developed infrastructure and social amenities

- Proximity to tech parks like Tidel, Ascendas, Ticel Bio and Ramanujan IT City


Adopt a more luxurious lifestyle by residing in a highly serviced atmosphere. Neelankarai offers a calm, quiet beauty and a very lively environment for living. Here in and around Neelankarai, there are a number of places to be active. This area also houses branded retail stores such as Basic of Life, Max, and Guess. In this upscale area, you can purchase a home in a well-known gated community.

- Close to prime IT hubs like Taramani and Sholinganallur

- Serene and tranquil area with beautiful Neelankarai Beach

- Affordable mid-segment locality with all amenities

- Popular rental hub among families


Kottivakkam is a burgeoning residential neighbourhood by the sea. Many home buyers are paying more attention to Kottivakkam due to its excellent connection to the Rajiv Gandhi Salai IT corridor. Major residential units used to be separate houses in the past, but more developers are now creating high-quality apartments with first-rate amenities.

- Kottivakkam beach is a nice spot for relaxation

- Excellent connectivity to Taramani Industrial Estate

- All amenities and facilities are readily available here

- Serene residential locality that also has good rental demand


Another top real estate property on ECR is Injambakkam, which has a number of amazing apartments. The neighbourhood is near Sholinganallur and has easy access to a variety of leisure venues, including movie theatres, amusement parks, retail centres, colleges, and universities. The rest of the city is well-connected to this location. Thiruvanmiyur is the nearest local railway station to this place.

- Serene locality that houses the famous VGP Amusement Park

- Rapidly developing residential hub

- Close to Rajiv Gandhi Salai IT hub

- Proximity to top schools, and healthcare facilities


Palavakkam is a carefully planned residential community encircled by prestigious areas. Palavakkam, which lies on the East Coast Road, is well-known for its exquisite churches, mosques, and temples. Palavakkam's residential sector has experienced exponential expansion owing to its great accessibility via East Coast Road and its proximity to Taramani, a renowned employment hub.

- Surrounded by prime residential and commercial areas

- Close to many employment zones and social amenities

- Easy access to the Rajiv Gandhi Salai

- Serene residential area with beach access

Living near the seaside on East Seaside Road has various advantages for your physical and mental health as well as your general quality of life. Let's explore!


Living by the shore makes it difficult to become bored. The beach itself provides access to a variety of activities, such as swimming, surfing, fishing, snorkelling, and much more. In addition, there are always lots of fantastic stores, a variety of eateries, and other entertainment options along the ECR coast.


Coastal views are incomparable; just imagine being able to glance out your apartment window or go for a stroll outdoors and see stunning white sand and the azure water. It's a fantastic way to get away from the bustle of the city.


We strongly advise relocating here near ECR Road if you enjoy seafood. Their fish is exceptionally fresh. When compared to frozen fish, fresh seafood will not only taste better but also contain far more beneficial elements.


Do you have problems going to sleep at night? Living near the sea may make this easier for you. The air near the sea is typically cleaner and contains more oxygen than air farther inland, which can improve the quality of sleep.


According to several research, living near the coast leads to a healthier way of life. This is mostly because living close to the seaside has numerous advantages that have already been highlighted, such as higher vitamin D consumption and a variety of activities that support fitness and health.


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    ECR is a great locality to settle down with family. Living close to the coast has so many benefits and we especially adore the seaside walks with our kids.

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