The Ace in Perungudi

The Ace in Perungudi

First time in Chennai the project launched with ‘Super Engineering Technology’ is ‘The Ace’ by ‘Risland’.

Risland’ established in Hong Kong is a large real estate group who is aiming for global real estate development. They have innovative projects in countries like Hong Kong, India, Thailand, New Zealand, the United States, Australia.

SSGF is the first letter of words Sustainable, Safe, Green and Fine which is an international technique. It is a combination of eight construction technologies. Towards targeting their aim of developing the projects globally with their innovative technologies and fulfilling dreams of many they have launched the project ‘The Ace’ which is a residential apartment for sale in Perungudi. The best part is that you don’t have to wait long to become a proud house owner of deluxe and luxury house developed with international standards.

To experience a new way of living that is truly distinguished from the ordinary ‘The Ace’ the right destination. A handful of amenities have also sprung up near its presence making it a perfect location to settle down for a lifetime. ‘The Ace’ is all set to give a whole new meaning to deluxe living.

Aren’t you aware of what makes Ace sounds good! Serene environment, Lush greenery, Intelligence applied protection through Four level door lock system, a walk with nature to cherish soul. A Journey to new lifestyle.