OMR - Old Mahabalipuram Road | IT Expressway

OMR - Old Mahabalipuram Road | IT Expressway

Adyar used to be the edge of the city limits. There was just one extremely hazardous, narrow metal road that could only accommodate one car at a time from Adyar to Mahabalipuram. This was utilised by both people and visitors; yet, it was a thick forest with empty roads that once created an unsettling sense of quiet.

Black and white films worked well in this setting, particularly the chase and action scenes. So Film Directors found this area very apt. These roads are only used by bicycles and a few buses, but the IT Corridor is a thriving, recently enlarged area now. OMR is currently one of the city's greatest assets and provides a wealth of benefits to its citizens, including return on investment and social infrastructure connectivity, to mention a few.


The Old Mahabalipuram Road, as its name implies, leads from Chennai to Mahabalipuram. But the path was not simple until the 1960s. This was the route that those who wanted to go from Chennai to Mahabalipuram had to traverse. The road from Tirukazhukundram to Mahabalipuram was in such bad condition that getting there required taking a boat across the Buckingham Canal.

This path was taken 91 years ago by Conell Herbert Andrews Newell of the Indian Army, who documented his travels under the title 'Topee and Turban'. In his post, he recounts his 91-year-old experience driving his 1913 Sunbeam to Mahabalipuram and describing the breathtaking scenery along the way. The route became popular after the construction of the Kotturpuram bridge in 1987 which connected mainstream Chennai with Taramani and beyond.

The Indian government subsequently renamed Old Mahabalipuram Road as Rajiv Gandhi Salai in honour of the then-prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. However, the moniker OMR is still used since it has endured in people's memories. It is now known as the IT Corridor due to the proliferation of IT companies along the route, and it is expanding quickly as new residential and commercial structures appear all along it.

When the Indian Institute of Technology was established in Guindy in the early 1960s, 600 acres of forest were transformed, marking the beginning of the Rajiv Gandhi Salai road. This marked the decentralisation of the city centre and the usage of land.

The expansion of Tidel Park and the IT park in SIPCOT gradually altered the area's fortunes in 2000. Three titles for the same road: the IT Corridor, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, and Old Mahabalipuram Road!


State Highway 49A, popularly known as the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) is a section that begins at Madhya Kailash Temple Junction, Sardar Patel Road, Adyar in south Chennai, travels further south to Mahabalipuram in the Kanchipuram district, and finally connects with East Coast Road, also known as ECR Road.

Chennai's grand aspiration was Rajiv Gandhi Salai. The IT boom surrounding this 20-kilometer stretch from Madhya Kailash junction to Siruseri drove the growth of real estate, earning it the alternate moniker "IT corridor."

One of Chennai's most well-known neighbourhoods is OMR. OMR, in Chennai's southern region, is the home of numerous IT and ITES businesses. It makes it a desirable location for IT industry professionals. In the last few years, the region has expanded significantly, with new office and housing complexes rising throughout the whole length of the area.

For a considerable amount of time, OMR has been among the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Chennai. Because OMR offers nice amenities and is close to places of employment, a lot of people still prefer to live there. The region boasts well-maintained social infrastructure and roadways.

Culture & Education

Compared to the rest of Chennai, OMR has a higher overall standard of living. In the various posh apartment complexes and gated communities, people may feel secure and at ease. It is remarkable how diversified the population is in this area. Here is the vibrancy of Chennai.

If that wasn't enough, OMR offers a huge selection of dining and shopping establishments. Above all, OMR provides its people with a better work-life balance. Because business offices and office space are concentrated in the neighbourhood, residents may be able to avoid long journeys to and from work. Additionally, residents of OMR will have no trouble finding enjoyable things to do in their leisure time thanks to all the amenities the area has to offer. Here you can come across the best schools in OMR at the same time find famous colleges in OMR.

In addition to the prestigious universities, the corridor was originally supported by a number of establishments that attracted a lively clientele. Due to the intellectual proof and the massive influx of migrants to the educational destinations, the IT corridor was extended to its inception.


Acknowledging the significance of this route and its influence on the regional economy, the Tamilnadu government devised a comprehensive infrastructure development initiative for OMR Road. The Tamilnadu government established a special purpose organisation called IT Motorway Limited (ITEL) as a totally owned subsidiary in order to design and carry out this developmental programme. The six-lane highway project was taken up by ITEL and was built in two stages: first, from Kailash Temple to Siruseri, the location of an IT park, and then, from Siruseri to Mahabalipuram.

The State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamilnadu (SIPCOT) has developed a cyber metropolis at Siruseri that spans more than 2000 acres in addition to the development project mentioned above. Numerous businesses have already established their operations from this strategically positioned Cybercity with cutting-edge technological amenities. The cyber metropolis has already begun to function. The World Trade Centre, Metro Phase 1, National Maritime University, and the soon-to-be Phase 2 are just a few of the several projects that aim to increase demand for real estate.

Additionally, a three-deck elevated line that connects to the metro train has been planned by the Tamil Nadu government. In addition, eight state highways and four National Highways (NH5, NH205, NH4, and NH45) will be connected by the proposed routes, improving the smooth transition from the suburbs to the city centre.


OMR is perfectly situated in relation to all of Chennai's main attractions and has excellent public transit connections. It is strikingly parallel to ECR Road, and the connector roads make it simple to reach the East Coast Road. OMR runs parallel to the East Coast Road and is only five minutes from the Sholinganallur intersection. It makes it simple to get to places like Thoraipakkam, Navalur, Medavakkam, Karapakkam, Velachery, Perumbakkam, and districts outside of city limits.

OMR's excellent quality of life and handy location attract a large population. OMR is in a convenient location from which to visit the rest of Chennai. Because of its easy access to the main thoroughfares and the metro line that runs directly to it, residents find that commuting within the city is a snap.

Real Estate Investment In OMR

OMR's superb residential properties make it the most sought-after location in Chennai. The OMR is considered the best rapid growth corridor in Chennai, even though it is located outside of the city. Numerous existing and planned infrastructural improvements have improved this community's prospects.

OMR is home to some of the most opulent residences and recognisable gated communities in the city. Additionally, it provides apartments, individual house and plots for those who want to relocate fast close to their tech company. One of Chennai's most sought-after residential neighbourhoods is OMR Road, which has lovely, verdant surroundings. When it comes to real estate, Chennai is a city that often attracts attention. This metro area offers an incredibly wide selection of houses for sale because of its modern amenities and infrastructure, together with its historic history and legacy. OMR is the most sought-after neighbourhood in Chennai due to the abundance of outstanding residential properties there. Additionally, if you're seeking a desirable area to purchase a property, be sure to check out our verified listing, which features some of the best properties in OMR Road.

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