Top locations to buy a land in Chennai

Top locations to buy a land in Chennai

While the numbers of apartment and community buildings is constantly soaring in the building, there is equal raise in the sales of land as well. The main reason for the interest shown towards buying land is that it fetches complete ownership of the property to the buyer. And it gives you the freedom of deciding to make the construction at any time you wish to. You may take your own time to plan your finances and then begin with your expedition to construct.

Well, here has the list of 5 top localities to buy a land in Chennai is constantly on the rise:

Land in Tambaram

Split into East Tambaram and West Tambaram, this neighborhood is one of the busiest in the city for it has the Tambaram Railway station and also the main Tambaram bus stand. This locality is towards the south of the city and lies along the national highway along Chennai to Trichy. As it houses some of the best schools and shopping malls and lot more in the locale, it stands atop as the much preferred destination for land sale in Chennai.

Land in OMR

The Rajiv Gandhi Salai often known as the OMR or the Old Mahabalipuram Road serves a the city’s IT expressway. The road starts at the Madhya Kailash Temple and runs until the ECR near Mahabalipuram. This is a 45km stretch that houses a number of IT companies, schools, colleges, educational institutes, shopping malls, etc. This is evidently much in demand among buyers for it enjoys seamless connectivity to the rest of the city and serves best for the IT workforce. With that being said, the OMR stands second in the list of top land sales area in Chennai city.

Land in ECR

The East Coast Road or the ECR is the city’s state highway number 49. The highway is of two lanes and is likely to get into a 4-lane stretch. The ECR runs along the coast of the Bay of Bengal which connects Chennai city to Cuddalore. Along this stretch, there are a number of attractions that entice the city residents and travelers alike. To name a few are Dakshin Chitra, Muttukadu Boat House, ISKCON Temple, Prathyangira Temple, among others. This posh locale recently attracts a lot of land buyers to build their dream homes adjacent to the Bay and cherish its stay.

Land in Poonamallee

In the western part of Chennai, you have Poonamallee. Also referred to as Poovirundhavalli, this is a neighborhood that belongs to Tiruvallur district. The closest railway station is Thiruninravur. To the western Chennai, this locale serves as the pathway to the main city. It is likely that Avadi and Poonamallee are to get merged. There is lot of liking and preference given to the locale for its strategic location, facilities and its range of features which makes it one of the top areas of Chennai with high land sales.

land in Porur

Finally we have the residential locality called the Porur. This belongs to the Chennai Corporation. As the neighborhood gets its drinking water from Porur Lake, there is no question of water scarcity to the residents here. The Pallavaram Hills encompass the neighborhood along its east and southeast and keeps it cool all the time. With close to 30K people living here, Porur is definitely a much preferred destination for land sales in the city.

These are the five top places in Chennai city that attracts huge interest for land sales. Well, if you are planning to get a land and build your dream home, it would be smart and ideal to choose your destination from the aforementioned list. Cheers!