Best Veg Restaurants in OMR

Best Veg Restaurants in OMR

Are you someone who doesn't eat meat, or perhaps you're fasting this month and looking for delicious vegetarian food? Look no further! In the lively OMR, you've got a bunch of veg restaurants waiting for you. Ready for a food adventure with tasty plant-based dishes? Just imagine a city where the food is simple yet top-notch. That's OMR! Every dish here celebrates goodness with divine flavours. It's like a party for your taste buds! So, come join in the fun in OMR, where easy and delicious vegetarian meals are the stars of the show! Choosing to be a vegetarian is a choice. Whether you've been one for a while or just giving it a try, don't worry about limited options of restaurants – OMR has got you covered! Indeed, it redefines the joy of vegetarian dining, making every meal an experience to savour and remember. Your journey into the world of delightful, easy-to-love vegetarian cuisine starts here in the heart of OMR, where various veg restaurants await.

Adyar Ananda Bhavan - A2B

Adyar Ananda Bhavan - A2B

A2B, the ultimate pure veg haven, shines among restaurants A to Z. Its tantalising flavours create an enduring taste sensation, making it the best choice for those who appreciate delightful vegetarian dining.


Address:Shop No.12, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Egattur, Tamil Nadu 603103.

Phone:044 4286 2091

Geetham Veg Restaurant

Geetham Veg Restaurant

Geetham Veg Restaurant, a haven for flavour enthusiasts, beckons with a melody of vegetarian delights. Explore a symphony of tastes, where each dish is a harmonious blend of spices, creating a culinary experience that's both festive and unforgettable.

Address:1A, 1B, Rajiv Gandhi Salai Navalur, Navalur Village & Post, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 603103.

Phone:07397 222 111

Address:SRI NILAYAM, 2/95B, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Thoraipakkam, Tamil Nadu 600097.

Phone:07397 222 111

Astoria Veg

Astoria Veg

At Astoria Veg, elegance meets flavour in a perfect union. Indulge in sophisticated vegetarian dining, where each dish is a masterpiece, promising not just a meal but a tasteful celebration that caters to the palates.

Address: Thoraipakkam, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Opposite Cognizant, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600097.

Phone: 098844 00323

Pind - Punjabi Restaurant

Transport yourself to the vibrant land of Punjab at Pind. Savour vegetarian delights that carry the unmistakable punch of Punjabi flavours – from rich gravies to sizzling tandoori creations, each dish is a culinary journey worth taking.

Address: 1, 200 Feet Radial Road, 2nd Floor, Okkiam Thoraipakkam Village, Thuraipakkam, Chennai.

Phone: +914448606275; +917550060469; +919884860469

Aavani Veg Restaurant

Aavani Veg Restaurant invites you to savour the warmth of home with every bite. With simple, tasty vegetarian dishes, it's a culinary experience that feels comforting and filling, just like home!

Address: Medavakkam Toll Gate, Kamala St, Elcot Sez, Sholinganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119.

Phone:078458 95611

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  • Kayal 2023-12-22

    If you come across OMR Road you can enjoy several mouth watering treats. These veg restaurants mentioned in the blog are indeed the very best here.

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